Wish Bracelets

Wish and Attract Your Heart’s Desire

The bearer of a Wish Bracelet shall receive their wish so long as the bracelet is worn, comes apart and falls away.

As outlined by the Law of Attraction, essentially you attract what you portray to others and your thoughts are the very foundation of anything you portray. If your thoughts/wishes are positive you develop energy indicative to what you are thinking and will attract positive experiences accordingly as a magnet would attract what it attracts.

Wish Bracelets remind you to think positive thoughts which are the beginning, the seed of all action: Tie a Wish Bracelet three times and make three wishes. Thereafter rub the beads often and visualise, with enthusiasm, your wishes have already come true. Once the bracelet wears and falls off, all that thought, wish energy is said to go to the Universe and back again in the form of a life experience.

Be sure to wish with a ‘pure and unselfish’ heart so ‘pure good’ finds its way back to you.

Each colour also represents a wish i.e.: RED=LOVE. The magic is even more powerful if the bracelet is received as a gift.

We Wish You the Best of Thoughts and Wishes!

dragon-wandKeep your FOCUS and INTENTIONS  on what is POSITIVE to tweak your INNER HAPPINESS which will produce GOOD THOUGHTS ultimately giving you POSITIVE ENERGY which attracts likeness in the form of a POSITIVE LIFE EXPERIENCE.

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Colour Meanings

Choose a colour to attract your hearts desire

Red & White = Love & Peace

Multi = Unity, Growth

Pink = Romance, Tenderness

Red = Love, Harmony

Orange = Vitality, Triumph

Gold = Fulfillment, Wisdom, Joy

Irish Moss = Luck

Green = Money, Well-Being

Turquoise = Balance, Healing, Bliss

Purple = Spirituality, Imagination

Black = Willpower, Resolutions

White = Peace & Protection