World Art

Impressions of a World of Good ~

Find the drawing from where in the world you are from, a gift of artwork for you to enjoy ~

Positive Impressions ~ Positive Thought ~ Positive Energy ~ Attract Likeness

Canadian Artist,  Paula Thibeadeau, picked and drew an image for each country of our amazing world. Since all people do not share in the same belief system, her drawings avoided any religious or political influence. Her choices were in the most part very old earth, back to the basics.

Focus your attention on the drawings. These lovely images will leave you with a positive impression; a seed of energy, inspiring positive thought.

Through more positive thinking, the seed of positive energy can flourish into something as wonderful as you can possibly imagine.

The more positive energy you hold, the more positive things you can attract to your life ultimately brightening your world and others around you.

I wish you many happy and kind thoughts to help you attract happiness and peace in your life.